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“I am moved to thank you for the sweet dream you just planted in my sleep soul. Humanity’s Child appeared to me, and holding a small sprig of something in her raised hands, gently breathed a vapor into my nose, mouth, and eyes. From there I was transported to a series of encounters with a sampling of humanity. Each ordinary and more special than the other. What beautiful pleasure, fulfillment and satisfaction I gave and received.Nice way to live, nice way to be in this world, what more could one want?”  Harvey Schaktman  email: 9/22/18

Humanity’s Child centers on the experiences of young people today
as they ponder their future in a very scary world.
It encourages them to speak up for what they believe in
-what they know in their heart of hearts is right-
and to do it from a place of joy and optimism.


Humanity’s Child is an uplifting and joyful musical!
Jonathan Kruk (aka “America’s Storyteller) guides audiences
through the complex transition from childhood as
humanity’s “child” –read young adult- encounters her
fears and trepidations and, with the help of her family,
humanity’s cousins, emerges strong and confident.


The music draws on familiar styles and forms in the tradition
of the great “rock” musicals like Hair, Superstar and Godspell and currently Broadway’s Rap sensation, Hamilton,
but with certain "up-town country" feel.


"I honestly do not want to care, but there are moments in my life where the anxiety that the world gives off creeps up and swallows me whole.
I remember going to bed and thinking, 

“What are we supposed to do?” 
Monique, teen blogger, from   




“Becoming professionals by being professional!”


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Ages 18-25


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