“Fun and filled with energy and positivity; I love that!  
Glad you are bringing the show 
and the important voices behind it to the stage.” 
Ken Davenport, Tony-Award-Winning Producer
“A focused, thoughtful and engaging piece of work; 
inventive and impressive and compelling, Humanity’s Child
is extremely au courant.”
Michael Collins, The Players Club/NY
“Humanity’s Child speaks to audiences of all ages, 
through the story [and] incredible contemporary music 
sure to perk up the ears of a younger crowd.”
Summer Groh, Davenport Theatrical


“Often times our audiences are those who already share our views, and it's challenging
to reach beyond that. 
 Your attempt to do so is important and necessary.”
Shaun Suchan, Lighting and Sound Supervisor, Fordham Univ. at Lincoln Center
“A really good idea for a show that I think would definitely touch teenagers;
good music that kids would get into and feel a part of.”
Shanna Farr, Broadway Performer
“Humanity’s Child appeared to me, andI was transported to a series of encounters with a 
sampling of humanity each more special than the other.”
Harvey Schactman, Producer