Use the links below to download full episodes as well as the individual songs in the show. And, read "liner notes" on how the themes
-Fear, Joy, Action, V ision  and Mission - translate to music and lyrics. Enjoy!


by John McDonnell Tierney

You might expect that a play by a psychologist (me) would be anchored in psychology and you would be right at least with regard to this play and this psychologist. So, without getting too “academic” (always a danger with us professor-types) let us explore the psychosocial underpinning of Humanity’s Child. H.C.2020 is organized around five themes: Fear, Joy, Action, Vision and Mission. The first two themes- fear and joy- are based on emotions...what people feel. The third theme -action- is based on behavior...what people do. The forth, vision, is a bit more complicated in that it is a synthesis of the previous three themes. Neither fear nor joy disappear from the human experience, but rather play out in human behaviors, especially those that mitigate “negative emotions” (fear, anger, resentment, distrust) and emphasize “positive emotions” (joy, love, compassion, kindness). If, as the old song goes, folks learn to “accentuate the positive,” then, so the theory goes, “positive behaviors” will follow. It is within the context of positive action that the fifth and final theme of H.C. becomes the nexus of all that has come before:  out of fear may come joy; out of joy may come good works; out of good works may come a vision of what may be; and out of vision may come mission. Action driven by fear, yes -humans need to feel fear when appropriate - but also driven by joy and guided by cognition, thinking that leads to doing (action), and doing that leads to imagining (vision). And, now everything comes together as mission, a driving force that can and has sustained people though “the best of times and the worst of times.”


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