SARA: Sara, aka Humanity’s Child, represents young people today as they emerge into society and the world as independent and self-directed actors seeking both freedom and security. She is a young woman deeply feeling the stresses of contemporary life and genuinely afraid for her future as she faces a world of dissonance, division, and danger.


VOX: Vox (f/m) is Sara’s childhood invisible friend who, in a time of great dissonance, division, and danger makes a brief re-appearance in Sara’s dreams to give aid, comfort, and advice.


THE KIDS: Appearing The Boogieman’s Minions, Good Spirits, Mates, and The Keepers of the Circle: The “kids in the chorus” play multiple parts in all four acts.


CAST SIZE & GENDER: This is a theatrical work that may be performed with a minimum “core-cast” of SIX: Sara (F), Vox (F), and Six Kids (F/M or F). The number of Kids can easily be expanded.


DIVERSITY: Producers and directors, when casting this show, are strongly encouraged to recruit a diverse ensemble.


SARA: Act I: Sleepwear; Act II-III: dress contemporaneously but modestly in subdued colors. Act V: HC will be dressed with gifts for her heroic return to the world.

VOX: VOX brims with energy and her costume reflects that, brimming with color and novelty.
As Sara’s “childhood invisible friend,” she is costumed as a child as Sara’s remembers her.

THE KIDS: Act I: THE BOOGIEMAN’S MINIONS are an assortment of demons, fiends, monsters and evil-spirts and are costumed as such in dark colors. Act II: THE GOOD SPIRITS are an assortment of angels, cherubs, messengers, and, well...good spirits and are costumed as such in light colors. They appear at first as a “choir” and could be in robes that would be removed on cue. Act III: THE MATES are an assortment of “mates” one acquires by participating in life and are costumed as those various mates might be (e.g., “Bandmate” in band uniform). Act IV: THE KEEPERS OF THE CICLE are an assortment of fantasy characters, monochromatic light colors, flowing. Later the CHORUS LINE returns “as themselves” dressed in the most colorful and audacious finery!