was created with a strategy in mind:
to be familiar enough to be accessible
and original enough to be...well...original. 


Composer John McDonnell Tierney draws on 
“classical” and “pop” styles and forms while,
at the same time, expanding and stretching to venture into art. 

Building on a basic structure of five principle themes
– Fear, Joy, Action,
Vision, and  Mission–

the show features songs inspired by these
fundamental ideas and human experiences.







I’M AFRAID (4:44) is perhaps the most “classical” in form and composition featuring sweeping piano lines juxtaposed to driving bass and hard-rockin’ drums. Sung as a solo, it expresses the deep fear and anxiety the lies just beneath the surface in young people today as the carry on their lives.



DANCE OF THE BOOGIEMAN (8:57) is an extended three-part production piece.
Part I begins with “tribal drums” that morph into a thundering exposition of demonic
voices and demonic characters (The Minions!). Part II is an instrumental nightmare
with The Boogieman. Part III brings bad dreams to a bone-shaking percussion climax.




SHOULD I PRAY? (5:16) takes Act I to a close with a deeply moving duet
by the two principle characters again drawing on classical traditions while
sustaining a contemporary feel.






THE SPIRIT WITHIN (5:40) begins with a short acapella choral
that quickly segues into a rousing up-tempo celebration of the Human Spirit.
The piece features a hook that sticks in your head
and dynamic solo and duet verses.





YOU ARE HUMANITY’S CHILD (3:41) is an up-town-country tune
featuring choreography in the finest western tradition. 



PARTICIPATE JOYFULLY (2:31) is a bright, fast-paced
tribute to Philosopher Joseph Campbell’s iconic quote,
Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.
We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.”




FREEDOM (3:40) kicks the tempo and energy up another notch in a driving, bluesy,
in-your-face, musical declaration of independence bring Act II to a close literally
“on a high note!”






I’M SPEAKIN’ UP TODAY! (5:20) does not let the energy
diminish or tempi slow down at all in this animated,
invigorating musical protest march written in dedication to the
survivors or the Stoneman-Douglas H.S. massacre in Parkland, Fla. 




WHO? (3:45) allows for a bit of a breather, a tad slower but none-the-less
intense, this song echoes the cries of adolescents throughout history,
“Who will be there for me?”




CARRY ON (6:49) in the musical theater tradition

of the “Big Ballad,” this song is a very, big ballad;
emotional, gut-wrenching, and passionate.








CIRCLES (4:56) is a lilting, lovely, air in three-quarter time
that is both slow in feel and quick in tempo.




BE NOT AFRAID (6:10) is a jubilant celebration
of youth and youthful promise.

BE LIKE THE PHOENIX I SHALL RISE (3:52)  is a moving,
dynamic anthem for today 
that reaches deep into the human psyche
inspiration where there was despair.



NOT AFRAID (3:42) a powerful musical statement
completes the transformation
for Humanity's Child 
and the journey
that began in fear and will end with a mission.





WE WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU (5:08) brings Act IV into the
final stretch with melodious, lyrical hook and a moving, heart-stirring chorus.



is a short recap as music for “curtain calls”
and a final statement of the hook
for listeners to go home singing!