Composer/Lyricist Dr. John McDonnell Tierney

John Tierney (aka, “Jack”) holds advanced degrees in music (M.Mus., UMASS) and psychology
(PhD, UCONN) and has held full-time professorships in both fields. Armed with a solid background in the music fundamentals, Jack cut his teeth as a composer and lyricist in the competitive world of advertising and marketing. As the Executive Producer of Music Media Network for more than sixteen years (1968-84), Jack composed and recorded over fifty hours of original music and arrangements for commercial clients.


Dr. Tierney retired in December of 2012 from college teaching as a fulltime professor of Human Development. Shortly thereafter he established The Peaceful Educator Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting peace and, in conjunction with that work, produced his musical “Peacemaker: The Dreams of Humanity's Child” publicaly in May of 2106. "Peacemaker (2016)" is
the second in a trilogy that begins with "Dreamsinger"(2012) and ends with "Humanity's Child" (2018).


Jack lives in a small house in the North Woods of Heath, Massachusetts with his wife of forty years, Patricia, and his two cats, Twigs and Willow. His greatest joy is being a Grampa to two wonderful, Brendan James Tierney (11) and Evan Michael Tierney (7).