Composer/Lyricist Dr. John McDonnell Tierney


John McDonnell Tierney, PhD, “Jack” to his friends, has been active on the Connecticut Music scene for over fifty years, as a first-call trombone player, musical director and conductor, theatrical producer, and a well-liked Professor of Musical Theater.


Jack established “The Tierney Ensemble” as a “talented amateur” enterprise in 2001 and in 2014 as professional company based in CT and in residence at AMS Studios, E. Hrtford.  Its first production, "Peacemaker: The Dream of Humanity’s Child," earned critical reviews and standing ovations at its May, 2016 premier. The “sequel” to Peacemaker and Jack’s current production, “Humanity’s Child” commenced in 2016 with a “studio-cast” workshop and recording at AMS Studios.

Jack will be bringing HUMANITY'S CHILD to New York Theater Festival next summer 2019 with all all new and all New York cast. 


Dr. Tierney holds advanced degrees in music (M.Mus., UMASS) and psychology (PhD, UCONN) and has held full-time professorships in both fields. Armed with a solid background in the music fundamentals, Jack cut his teeth as a composer and lyricist in the competitive world of advertising and marketing. As the Executive Producer of Music Media Network for more than sixteen years (1968-84), Jack composed and recorded over fifty hours of original music and arrangements for commercial clients.


Jack currently divides his time between the Tierney Family home in Glastonbury Connecticut, his 5,000 sq. ft. studio in E. Hartford, and a secluded retirement home in the North Woods of Heath, MA.