HUMANITY’S CHILD is a “Musical.”

It is a work for musical theater with all of the traditional components associated
with the art form: music, choreography, and dramatic action. And, it is “more than
a musical,” more than entertainment, more than a brief escape from reality...
it is reality!


Set in the context of a global pandemic and in time national dissonance, danger, and division, Humanity’s Child – “The Musical” – focuses on “humanity’s child” –the Archetype. Although represented by “one of humanity’s children” whom we call “Sara” (aka Humanity’s Child), Sara is all humanity’s children no matter how young or how old.


Sara wants the freedom to do what she wants to do; go where she wants to go, and, at the same, she wants to feel safe doing those things.  But now, in this time of global crises, Sara is afraid...deeply afraid. Are the streets safe to walk? Are the shops safe to patronize? Are the schools safe to be in?


Thus begins a journey of discovery as Sara comes to know herself, her strength, and her resilience. And, with the help of Vox (Sara’s childhood “invisible friend”) and Humanity’s Cousins, Sara emerges from fear, finds joy, springs into action, clarifies a vision, and embraces a mission...to nurture a peaceful, just, sustainable future for all humanity’s children!



Read the full synopsis HERE!
Listen to the full show (music and dialogue) and the individual songs music HERE!

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