HUMANITY’S CHILD is a contemporary musical that draws on the literary tradition known as magical realism, an approach that offers a realistic view of the world while adding “magical” elements. As the play opens, we meet Vox who “sets the scene” for listeners as they imagine the characters and action as it unfolds.  Vox introduces us to Sara, aka Humanity’s Child, whom she visits deep in Sara’s sub-conscious memories with advice and encouragement.


ACT I: FEAR: Sara dreams that she has just awaked from a terrifying nightmare. Her first words are “I’m afraid,” in a song of the same title. (“I’M AFRAID”) “How will I survive?” she fears. Vox honors Sara’s fears, for they are quite justified. “I’m afraid, too!” she commiserates. “Be aware,” she warns, “The Boogieman is here!” (“DANCE OF THE BOOGIEMAN”). Recognizing that Sara is feeling somewhat overwhelmed by her encounter with “The Boogieman” representing the myriad of malevolent forces at work in the world, Vox reminds Sara of her inner resources (“THE SPIRIT WITHIN.”)


ACT II: JOY: Vox encourages Sara to acknowledge the sorrow in the world, yet choose to live in Joy. (“PARTICIPATE JOYFULLY!”) Vox reminds Sara who she represents- all Humanity’s Children, and who she is. (“YOU ARE HUMANITY’S CHILD!”) Even so, Sara still feels a deep sense of fear for tomorrow, “The future isn’t what it used to be!” (“FREEDOM”).


ACT III: ACTION: Vox acknowledges Sara’s fears and trepidations yet encourages her to take action, to speak up for her life! (“I’M SPEAKIN’ UP TODAY!”) Sara, not convinced, asks, “Who will help me carry on?” (“WHO?”) Now, almost overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge, Sara’s hands are shaking; her heart is breaking.“ Tell me what to do,” she pleads. Vox has no advice other than the sage advice of Winston Churchill, “Keep calm and carry on.” (“CARRY ON”)


ACT IV: VISION:  Vox reminds Sara of her place within the circles of life, “Guiding me home again!” (“CIRCLES”) and, what she really is, “You are strong, you are brave, you are a force resilient!” (“BE NOT AFRAID”) 


ACT V: MISSION: Acknowledging the reality that evil will persist, Sara refuses to capitulate, comparing herself to “the Phoenix” arising from the ashes, “Like the Phoenix I will rise up!” (“LIKE THE PHOENIX”) Having, at last, fully discovered her personal strength within her dreams, Sara fears to wake and find that Vox will be gone, once again a buried childhood memory. Vox assures Sara that she will always be with and within her. (“I WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU”)  With that, our story comes to an end as Vox leaves listeners with, “...a song to sing, a tune to hum,  an idea to embrace...participate joyfully!”


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