Jack Tierney has been described by peers and colleagues as a Renaissance Man;a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.”

Indeed, Jack is an Author and Playwright; a Composer and Musician; an Actor and Director; and, underneath it all, Jack Tierney is a Teacher and Educator.


Author/Playwright: Jack is the creator of The Humanity’s Child Saga, a four-part series that follows a single character “Humanity’s Child” from adolescence to young adulthood. And, he has also authored a full-length novel (The Book, available on Amazon), several short-story collections, and “how-to” books that may be accessed here.


Composer/Musician: Jack holds a Master of Music Degree (UMASS, 1969) in performance (Trombone) and carried on a full career as a professional thru 2012 with symphony, studio, and swing credentials. Jack studied composition with Philip Bezanson, Orchestration with Joseph Contino, and Harmony with Robert Steele.  More recently (2016-2021) Jack has produced four full-length musicals known as The Humanity’s Child Musicals:  “Humanity’s Child: The Dream,” Hartford, CT 2016; “Humanity’s Child: A Musical for Today,”  2019 ran for four weeks at the Players Theater Off-Broadway(2109);  “Humanity’s Child: More Than a Musical,” played as an “Audio-Musical” on the Atlanta Audio Fringe Festival, May 2020 through May 2021; and the fourth musical in the series, titled; “Extraordinary Hero,” is currently in development.


Actor/Director: Jack began his “career” at age 16 when he played Ben Rumson in Paint Your Wagon, his 1961 High School Musical. That was a life changing experience that led to four years with the Musical Theater Guild at UMASS where Jack played roles in Guys and Dolls, Kiss Me Kate, Oklahoma, and other musicals. In the late 1960s, Jack produced and directed Summer Musical Youth Theater Programs for four consecutive years including: Paint Your Wagon, Pajama Game, Li'l Abner, and The Wizard of Oz. And throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, as Director of Performing Groups at Hartford College, Jack produced and directed: HAIR, Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell, and West Side Story. And, during that same period, Jack was also very active in community theater groups where he directed: My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, Little Mary Sunshine, The Man of LaMancha, and Show Boat. More recently, Jack has been a featured actor in several Zoom Theater Productions and has directed several “scenes” with the Pipeline-Collective.


Teacher/Educator: Jack holds a PhD in Educational Psychology (UCONN, 1997) and has held full-time college faculty positions in both music and psychology over his some 45 years in Higher Ed. retiring as a Professor of Psychology and Chair of a 35 member Social science Department in 2012. Specializing in Adolescent Development, Dr. Tierney has authored numerous scholarly articles and papers and given many presentations at conferences. Upon retirement in 2012, he created The Peaceful Educator Foundation, a 501c3 Non-Profit whose mission it was “ nurture a peaceful, just, sustainable future for all Humanity’s Children through the musical and theatrical arts.”


Dr. Tierney is also a writer and author and has published several books, articles, and commentaries.  Jack’s first full-length novel, “THE BOOK” has been favorably reviewed and is currently on sale at  And, his most recent work, “How To Succeed in Show Business by Really, Really Trying” published February, 2021 is now available for download here.


Jack works out of his home-based production studio located in the North Woods of Heath, Massachusetts where he lives with his wife Patricia and his cat, Willow.


(Full Vita Avavaible on Request)



B.A. in Music; M. Mus in Performance; PhD in  Psychology



The Classics: Show Boat; Paint Your Wagon; The Man of LaMancha; The Sound of Music;
Hair; Li’l Abner; The Music Man, Little Mary Sunshine, et al.



The Legend of Finn McCool, 2006 (First Performance: 2009)
Dreamsinger, 2012 (First Performance: 2013)
The Humanity’s Child Series- Four Musicals (performed 2016-2020)



For Voices and Instruments: more than fifty works for wind ensemble, orchestra,
choir, solos and ensembles.



Former full-time/adjunct teaching positions: Amherst, MA, High School (Director of Bands);
Hartford, CT Community College (Professor of Music Theater), UCONN (Doctoral Fellow in Ed. Psych.), Mass. College of Liberal Arts (Visiting Professor); Greenfield College, MA (Professor of Psychology/Department Chair).



 Full-time Composer/Playwright/Grampa

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