“The Confluence of Faith, Science and the potential for Peace. The BOOK by John McDonnell Tierney designed to teach and entertain. The author offers a Big Idea (Don’t Kill); timeless topics (morality, justice, human nature, spirituality) through which to explore and think about the Big Idea; and an engaging context (the story) in which this exploration and thinking plays out. Throughout the world today, many people are making decisions about morality, what is right and just, based on their interpretation of what is “godly.” This is the story of one of the nearly four billion People of the Book trying to decide if their God wants them to love their neighbors or kill their neighbors. In The Book, you will be privy to “fictional” but factually-representative conversations regarding what some “believers” believe. Should we have war or peace? Should same sex couples be allowed to marry? Should climate change influence our actions? Should women have access to birth control? To answer these and other literally life and death questions, “believers” frequently seek guidance from a God who speaks to them through a book, a Holy Book on which they build their religion.

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