UNDERSTANDINGS REGARDING COMMITMENT: You were selected from among many qualified applicants because of your talent and potential to succeed as a professional. The singular most important part of being a professional is showing up! By accepting a role in our show, you are making a firm commitment to “show up.” That is, you will meet the show’s schedule as published, and to commit any additional time necessary for your personal preparation.


UNDERSTANDINGS REGARDING FINANCIAL COMPENSATION: Just to be absolutely clear: this is a revenue-sharing enterprise. Our goal is to win “best-musical” in the NYTF and equitably share the $4,000.00 prize. Subsequent revenues may be generated through grants and awards (eg., New England Foundation for the Arts Touring and Creation grant) as well as regional performances in your communities, schools, and local venues with your active participation in bookings. There are industry rules and standards in place that govern distribution of funds when the production starts generating income from grants, investors, performances, ticket sales and licensing, etc. These rules specify who gets paid, when, and how much of a % of revenues. When we reach that point of actually generating income, we will engage an entertainment attorney who will formalize our agreements. In the meantime, I will ask us all to carry on in good faith.


UNDERSTANDINGS REGARDING FUND-RAISING: This project is expensive! We estimate between $8,000.00 and $10,000.00 to cover the absolute necessities. $15.000.00 would cover the niceties; and, $20,000.00 would position us to go to the next step: paid regional performances. Thus far this entire project has been funded personally by Jack and Patricia Tierney. The money to participate in the Festival, the money to rent rehearsal space in NYC, the money operate the website, the money to purchase the video gear etc. etc. -all of that and a lot more comes out of the family pocketbook...and that’s the truth! HUMANITY’S CHILD is your show now, and whether it thrives or dies is up to you. We will need EVERYONE fully participating in fundraising! (See pages at the end for Tips and Strategies)


FULL DISCLOSURE: Any funds raised will be used exclusively for legitimate, verifiable production expenses. That said, I am considering any financial input I need to make prior to fundraising efforts as “production expenses.” I will therefore expect to be eventually reimbursed, but only after all other production expenses have been resolved.


UNDERSTANDINGS REGARDING PREPARATION: All performers are expected to be off-book and off-musical scores before video recording sessions are scheduled, and to have strong familiarity and command of the vocal elements.


UNDERSTANDINGS REGARDING COMMUNICATION: Critical to our success is frequent and friendly communication among and between all stakeholders! Therefore, we expect everyone to be timely and diligent, especially in ACKNOWLEDGING receipt of emails. (A simple reply like “got it” is often enough.)