GOAL: $15,000.00 by July 1, 2019





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We are raising funds so that our show may continue beyond the NYTF in August and so that participants may be financial compensated. We understand that it’s not easy to ask for money. That said, conventional wisdom (and our research) tells us that for projects such as ours, most people are happy to give when asked. Researchers found that for more than 85 percent of charitable donations, people gave because someone asked them to. 


Top Five Reasons Why People Gave When Asked


  1. Someone they know asked them to give and they wanted to help them.
  2. They felt emotionally moved by someone’s story.
  3. They wanted not to feel powerless in the face of perceived need.
  4. They wanted to feel they were changing someone’s life.
  5. They felt a sense of closeness to a community or group.

So we approach our friends, family, classmates and teachers, we need be able to:

  1. Ask them for help;
  2. Give them an emotion-based reason to help;
  3. Give them a convenient way to help;
  4. Show them how their “help” helps; and,
  5. Embrace them as part of our community.


And so, when you reach out to donors, please keep the following in mind: giving is a personal act, a human connection; donors give because their donations matter to someone they know and care! To inspire and motivate donors, you need to make a meaningful connection by showing them why they matter to you and how they can make a difference. And remember: the act of giving is immediate; give your donors the opportunity to act here and now. Your relationship with them will be long-term, but their willingness to give is now—let them act on it!