Questions & Answers



Q: Am I required to pay out of pocket any fees, charges, or any other costs associated with the production?

A: No!


Q: Will there be “free” or “comp” tickets available for friends and family.

A: Festival rules state: “The only members of each production who are not obligated to pay the entrance fee for each show are the playwright, director, cast members, stage manager, light/sound designer, and, choreographer.”

Q: Will I be able to get free tickets to other shows?

A: Yes! Summerfest – July through October - will have around 140 shows  in the festival, with drama, comedy, dramedy and musicals, Shorts, One-Acts, Full-Lengths and Solos covering the widest range of shows (that all participants in the festival are welcome to see for free)! 

Q: What “prizes” can we win by being the best!

A: Here’s how it works. The Summerfest 2019 team will watch each play and choose six or more finalists. Their votes will decide the winner of the $4,000 First Prize and Best Actor, Actress; Director, Singer- $500.00 ea.; Musical Score - $300.00; and, Most Creative Play, Stage Manager, Set Designer, Choreography, and Light Design - $200.00 ea.  All winners will be announced during the Prize Ceremony TBD at the end of the festival.


Q: What about the “prize ceremony?”

A: On the night (TBA) that prizes are given out, each of the six or more plays/musical finalists will be invited to perform 3 minutes of their play for the audience. Three of each category, Actors, Actresses, Directors etc. will also have been chosen as finalists and will be invited that night to receive their prizes. If any nominated actors or playwrights do not show up on that night, even if they win they will not receive the prize.

Q: Can we greet audience members after our performance?

A: Yes, but briefly; better to see people in the hall or outside the theater.


Q: Will our email addresses and telephone numbers be shared with the Festival and will they be made public.

A: Yes & Yes. Festival rules state: “Very Important – You must provide us with the email addresses and contact numbers of your cast and crew. We wish to know who we are receiving into our theater. The email addresses of your cast and crew should also be included in your programs as well as their headshot. Actors in our festivals are often recast; offering their contact information in your programs maximize their chances.”


Q.  Can we eat or drink in the theater?
A.  No! That is absolutely forbidden; we pay a $250 fine for misconduct. Please make sure to eat and drink outside of the theater in the hall.


Q: Am I covered by any liability insurance while I am in the theater?

A: Festival states: “We purchased a liability insurance for the duration of the festival so your production is covered when, and only when you are in the theater.”