Stage Dimensions: 29’ wide x 23’ deep (use mainly front 15-17 feet so as not to cast shadow from the projectors.)


Audience Seating: 99 permanent seats, 4 wheelchair spaces.


Pre-Show Set-Up Time: 30 minutes to set up in between the time you arrive at the theater and the moment your show opens to the audience, AND 10 minutes to empty the stage.


Tech Rehearsal: 4.5 hours – July 29 – 9:00am call.


Lights: set in the same position for every production without exceptions.

Technology:  2 convex lens projectors fixed one on top of the stage and one on top of the booth. One will project on the canvas of the back stage an area of 21'x12' (the backstage canvas is black so your video will need to be very bright to be able to be seen properly - be aware that it is not the same as projecting on a white screen). The second will project on the entire stage and back drop. All surfaces where the projector project images are black so projections although look moody and special are much darker than regular projections made on a white canvass. The backdrop projector will hang at a close enough distance to prevent your actors from casting shadows and from being flooded with the images if they don't stand more than 75% of the way back or side left respectively from the front of the stage and the center of the stage.


Tech Director: [Provided by the festival, paid by us.] can run sound, lights and the 2 projections, at the same time.


Off-Stage: Two tables will be stationed on side stage right and left to line up props during tech and shows.

Make-Up: only forbidden are powders of any kind, glitter make-up and sparkly creams that will fill the stage floor with light reflecting particles.


Photographer/Videographer: Photographer can only come during tech (July 29). Videographers may come anytime; must film only with camera set on a tripod.