A Project of The Peaceful Educator Foundation

 a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity whose mission it is
“ nurture, through the arts, a peaceful, just,

sustainable future for all humanity’s children.”

100% of donations are managed through the GoFundMe Charity Platform.
100% of donations go directly to the Foundation
and are used 
exclusively in accordance with 
IRS requirements for a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity.


All donations are 100% Tax-Deductible and you will receive a receipt for tax-purposes when you donate.

We are pleased to send you our newest CDs as a modest "Thank You" 



Follow the instructions below to order your CDs.
Please consider a minimum donation of $10-15for one cd, or $15-20 for both.

FYI: CDs cost us about $4.00 ea. to have made, and about $3.00 for s&h.




It’s an easy, convenient process as follows:

   Click on the button and very kindly donate say $5-$10-$25 or more.


After you have donated, you will be given the opportunity to comment. 
This is where you order cds!


In the comments, state the title(s) of the cd or cds you are ordering: 
Provide a complete shipping address. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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