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The Peaceful Educator Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit whose mission
it is 
“To nurture, through the arts, a peaceful, just, sustainable future for all humanity’s children.” The goal and purpose of this Educational Initiative is to advance that mission
by bringing socially-conscious musicals and associated curricula to students, educators,
and the schools in which they practice.


The High School Musical has a long and honored tradition in America. The form allows for so many kids to participate at so many levels and incorporates so many aspects of the curriculum: music, drama, and dance, to mention a few. Musicals also offer opportunities to connect to social and cultural issues through performances of the many socially-conscious works for musical theater in the repertoire.

Now, however, in the time of COVID-19, music, theater, and dance educators are forced to rethink how and where we accomplish musical theater in scholastic settings. One thing is clear- this is not the time for huge productions! If we are to have High School Musicals at all, they will need to be modest in size and scope taking into account social-distancing (SD) and personal protection (PPE) strategies both “on-stage” (kids) and “in the house” (families)! 


In response to this need, we offer just such a musical.


HUMANITY’S CHILD by educator, playwright, and composer
Dr. John McDonnell Tierney (aka “Jack”) is modest in size (as few as eight kids, not more than 12!); can be performed with SD and PPE (actors blocked at 6 feet; incorporating masks, etc. into costuming); and, can serve as an anchor for discussion around social and cultural issues.

HUMANITYS’ CHILD is also deeply relevant to the lives of kids today.

A list of the most often produced high school musicals include: Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Wizard of Oz, and Cinderella. With no intention to disparage these works, educators might ask how relevant they are to the lives of real kids in the real world? Not too many kids today fall in love with a “beast,” live under the sea, get swept up by a tornado, or arrive at the prom in glass slippers!


Humanity’s Child 2021 is a work for musical theater with all of the traditional components associated with the art form: music, choreography, and dramatic action. And, it is “more than a musical,” it is “mirror” reflecting the real-world experience of many students today.


Set in the context of a global pandemic and in time national dissonance, danger, and division, Humanity’s Child – “The Musical” – focuses on “humanity’s child” –the Archetype. Although played by one of humanity’s children “Sara” (aka Humanity’s Child), Sara represents all humanity’s children. 

Sara wants the freedom to do what she wants to do; go where she wants to go, and, at the same, she wants to feel safe doing those things.  But now, in this time of global crises, Sara is afraid...deeply afraid. Are the streets safe to walk? Are the shops safe to patronize? Are the schools safe to be in?

These are the questions kids are asking today, maybe not out loud, but “in the night,” in their private thoughts. Consider this quote from “Monique” a “teen blogger:”

“I honestly do not want to care, but there are moments in my life where the anxiety
that the world gives off creeps up and swallows me whole. I just remember going to bed that night and thinking,
'What are we supposed to do? What if this gets really bad? It can’t be that bad!'

Teens do care about what is going on in the world around us
and are just as frightened as any American should be.”

Monique, teen blogger,

And so, with the above in mind, we ask you to consider Humanity’s Child for this year’s musical at your school. We provide: Scripts, Vocal Scores, Piano Scores, Accompaniment Tracks, Practice Tracks, Vocal Models, Poster and PR Templates, and safety guidance as well as opportunities for on-line consults with Dr. Tierney.


And, at a price you can afford!


Humanity’s Child is a project of The Peaceful Educator Foundation, a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity whose mission it is “ nurture, through the arts, a peaceful, just, sustainable future for all humanity’s children.”
As such, we can offer licensing free or at a fraction of the cost for the “popular musicals.” 


Consider this advice from Dramatics Magazine On-Line to High Schools who want to produce Disney’s “High School Musical”:

If you want to choose a popular show, you’ll need to pay for it!
Well-known titles like...
High School Musical...usually cost around $1,000 per performance for the rights, and you’ll need to pay up to $800 for renting the scripts and music books.”


You can produce Humanity’s Child in 2021 for free when you also perform it for free. If you do sell tickets to your show, performance rights and costs are based on a percentage of the profit generated (see Licensing Info.). And, you may “pay” in the form of a tax-deductible donation to The Peaceful Educator Foundation, so, in fact, producing Humanity’s Child can cost you nothing in the end. "What a deal!"



HUMANITY’S CHILD 2019, subtitled "A Musical for Today", was premiered at the New York Theater Festival and then ran for sixteen performances at the Players Off-Broadway. HUMANITY’S CHILD 2021, subtitled
“More than a Musical,” is an updated version of the Off-Broadway show with a new book and several new songs. A one-hour audio version is currently featured on the prestigious Atlanta Fringe Audio Festival and the full Show is in professional production with a world premiere planned for the Spring.







A “socially-conscious” musical is one that deals with significant social and cultural issues. Composer/Playwright, Dr. John McDonnell Tierney explains...


“In writing HUMANITY”S CHILD, I incorporate current social and cultural themes (Covid-19,  Climate Change, Social Justice) in a manner that reaches out first to the emotions and later to the logical brain. The show is in five acts: FEAR – JOY – ACTION – VISION – and MISSION.
I want audiences to feel the FEAR that my characters feel and to feel their JOY as well, all the
while finding something of themselves in the characters. I want
audiences to be motivated to do something, to spring into ACTION, that from action a VISION may emerge of a better world and
a better way, and from there may come a MISSION."



Listen to the soundtrack and/or any or all of the songs HERE.

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Download the Libretto/Script and the Vocal Score HERE.

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