School-based Productions

Licensing is a formal process by which a copyright owner of a theatrical property grants the rights to another individual or organization to publicly perform a particular work. Such “granting’ is generally not done directly between the copyright owner and the producing entity, rather the owner is most often represented by an agent or agency. For example, Tams Witmark, Music Theater International, Theatrical Rights Worldwide, etc. al. These agencies are for-profit enterprises. Their purpose is to generate revenue for the copyright owner and contributing creative artists and, at the same time, generate significant revenues for their own companies.


While specifics of licensing agreements can vary,
generally they articulate:

 When and where the performance will take place.

How many performances there will be.
Anticipated audience attendance.

Who will manage/direct the production.

Limitations on changes to script or score.

Royalty and Rental Fees.


We are different!

Because we are a project of The Peaceful Education Foundation, a 501c3 Non-Profit,
we can offer licenses similar to for-profits but at a fraction of the cost.





We do not charge a royalty fee for school-based productions where tickets are not sold and no other revenue is generated for or by the producing school. When tickets are sold and/or additional revenues are generated, e.g., advertising space in programs sold; sponsor donations received; etc. we apply a 60/40 formula; 60% “profit” (after expenses) goes to the school; 40% of “profit” is donated to
The Peaceful Educator Foundation (ask about Tax-Deductions).



We do not “rent” out our production resources, but offer them in two forms: Digital and Hard Copy.

There are no fees for digital materials when used exclusively for the licenced production.

Hard copies of scripts and scores may be purchased at discounted rates. (Inquire about current cost.)








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