A new Musical with an emphasis on music! 

Building on the classical“Hero’s Journey” story structure, this ninety-minute musical features some sixty minutes of original music for singers and full orchestra.The story is powerfully conveyed in thelyrics and expressive emotions of the orchestrations. 


Our “Hero,” Sara, whose days are filled with wrestling inner demons, withstanding bullies, and navigating her way, hears “The Call to Adventure,” and try as she might, she cannot resist. Sara is aided on her adventure by Vox, The Voice, and Joseph, The Mentor. Sara is an ordinary person in the ordinary world forced by circumstance to face her greatest fears and confront her most difficult challenges; something virtually all people must do at some point in their lives. Audiences will find relevance in this deeply human story and inspiration in the music to carry on their own “Hero’s Journey.”

The world of our daily experience is a dangerous place; pandemics, war, division and dissonance abound. But not all dangerous situations take place in the outer world; in fact, our minds are constant battlegrounds as we deal with the barrage of emotions the “real world” inflicts on us daily. And so, we ask our audiences to consider a different kind of hero, an otherwise “ordinary person” whom we call Sara, The Hero who, when terrorized by her deepest fears, anxieties, dreads and distresses, finds the courage to face them with the help of Joseph, The Mentor. All human beings, at one point or another, experience fear, anxiety, and dread, along with a cocktail of other distressing emotions.  It takes a lot of courage to face our inner demons, our personal Boogieman. It takes strength, bravery, resilience to endure the dangers of our inner world while still trying to make sense of the outer world.  In other words, it takes an "extraordinary hero," and that's what our show is all about!


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