SARA, The Hero: 

Sara is an ordinary person trying to survive in an extraordinary world full of danger, dissonance and discord. She is afraid for her future and deeply needing guidance on her human journey.  She is driven by universal needs: to find love, security, justice. Audiences need to be able to relate to Sara’s idiosyncrasies, quirks, and deepest fears, while wanting to emulate her admirable qualities.



VOX, The Herald:

Vox is “The voice in Sara’s head,” that intuitive “Herald” who warns of things to come, issuing challenges and announcing the coming of significant change.  Sara had, as a child, interpreted the “inner voices” that all humans hear as “invisible (to other people) friends.”  Now, in her time of crisis, Vox and four other childhood “invisible friends appear in Sara’s dreams to help her on her journey.  Vox is highly energetic, humorous, and fun!



JOSEPH, The Mentor

This character represents all mentors, teachers, coaches and all those who wisely  guide and advise younger humans...he is an archetype.  Joseph provides motivation, insights and training to help Sara overcome her doubts and fears and prepare for her journey. He has traveled the road before and can provide needed guidance when Sara is reluctant to face the unknown.



Four engaging and endearing characters who take on several lead vocal responsibilities, as well as participating in the developing plot playing multiple internal characters. They have been given names from several world cultures that reflect the persona they bring to the stage. They are:


BRIA (from the Gaelic Language meaning "Power, Strength, and Vigor”)

ALEZZA (from the Hebrew Language meaning “Joyful”)

DUSTY  (from the Norse Language meaning "Tough like the Stone of Thor”)

QUEST  (from the Latin Language meaning “Long Search”)











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