Brittyn Dion Bonham


Brittyn Bonham (She/Her)

Brooklyn, New York

Brittyn Dion Bonham is a passionate performance artist living in New York City. With a degree in theater from Florida State University and a Music Theater certificate from Fordham University, Brittyn is so excited to be world-making professionally. When she isn’t teaching enrichment classes to her students, Brittyn can be seen performing as The Red Queen at Viral Ventures’ “The Alice” in the Upper West Side. Brittyn has most recently been seen Off-Broadway as Willie in “The Christmas Express” (Theater for the New City) and Off-Off-Broadway as Renfield in Dracula: Lord of the Dark.


Brittyn writes: “In today's world we are cut off from the truth that lives within us. Especially in America, each person is confronted with so many strong ideas that it is near impossible to escape within yourself. I feel so many internalized voices within me from the sensationalism that infiltrates every current event. So many opinions cloud my judgement and cause me to separate from my primitive self; my instincts.


I think Sara battles so many people that she believes are part of her in a journey of self-discovery. As a women, I can understand some of the trials my character has been through quite deeply. We're all heroes when we can remove all the junk we accumulate on top of that truth that lives within us."



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