Estefanía Mena

Estefanía Mena (SHE/HER)
Chicago, Illinois

Estefanía Mena is a Guatemalan singer and actress currently residing in Chicago. She graduated from Universidad de la Música in Musical Theater in 2019 and  from Instituto Andrés Soler in 2020 in Dramatic Arts; both schools in México City. She has worked in professional theater productions and in the dubbing industry in Latino America.
A multi-talented performer, she plays the piano and dances the salsa! Estefanía believes in the power of art and she is ready to accept the call to adventure!

Estefanía writes, "I believe that one of our tasks as artists is to spread hope to the world. I strongly believe that every person has the called to be their own hero and we must let ourselves live joyfully."

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