A note to Producers, Directors and General Viewers:

The purpose of creating these videos was and is to fully familiarize producers and directors with the story, script and music in our show. It was never our intention to create a professional video  such as seen on MTV and throughout the entertainment industry where dozens of highly skilled professionals using state of the art technologies contribute to the video qualities we are used to seeing. This entire project was recorded on ZOOM with all the actors in different locations and edited by the playwright (who is not a video pro.) Therefore, we count on the theatrical professionals to imagine where the show can go and what the show can be in the live performance context where staging, lighting, and sound will meet professional standards.


We offer two versions of our show for your consideration- with and without subtitles. The purpose of the subtitled version is to accommodate the needs of hearing-impaired individuals, general audiences who enjoy reading dialogue as they watch, and producers and directors who prefer the script to unfold visually. 


Thank you for keeping this in mind as you watch.

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