Savannah McManus
Savanah has portrayed multiple lead roles from Shakespeare to Tennesee Williams while working with Donna Haley of the MCC Actor Training School. Several years of education and training have put her working on a plethora of different projects which include the Off Broadway Musical Hip Hop High, the film Renaissance Man by Kenneth Del Vecchio, and lead characters such as Georgie from Spike Heels, and Arlene from Getting Out. Along with acting Savannah is vocally trained by Kathryn Tate for singing but also raps. She performed at Dutchess County Stadium in front of 2500 high schoolers for a health and drug advocacy program. She models for a variety of photographers and runway modeled for the Otterkill Country Club Bridal Show while also being on the cover of Steppin Out Magazine. She is a highly trained martial artist in the Go Ju Ryu form of Karate ranking as a second degree blackbelt along with a brown blackbelt in weapons training. She has been skateboarding and snowboarding for many years and enjoys photography. She is incredibly excited to be a part of this project and looks forward to working on the next oscar winning film.