aka "Peacemaker"

May 6 & 7, 2016

Prelude: A tribal community gathers at the council fire, as have the ancestors of all the peoples of the Earth. An ancient shaman and storyteller speaks of Peacemaker…The Dream of Humanity’s Child. He brings his listeners back to the dawn of human society, when wisdom and culture were conveyed through songs and stories. In his story, Great Mystery sends good spirits into the dreams of an unborn child to tell stories of two paths: the path that leads to peace and the path that leads to sorrow. The Storyteller calls on many listeners to play roles in the stories. An honored elder becomes Grandfather. A young woman and her husband become Spirit Mother and Spirit Father. Two other listeners at the council fire become Uncle Coyote and Aunt Spider Woman who will tell very different stories. All other listeners become The Tribe.


Act I: As the play unfolds, an unborn child, moments before birth, asleep in her mother’s womb, is visited by beings who deeply love the child yet have differing views on what choice this “child of humanity” should make. Spirit Father and Spirit Mother urge the child to choose the path of peace. Uncle Coyote and Aunt Spider Woman, knowing the depth of sorrow in the world, urge the child to choose not to be born, to abandon the physical body and return to her origin as pure energy…one with the Great Mystery.



Act II: The dreaming Humanity’s Child begins the universal Vision Quest. In her first vision, she is visited by Spider Woman, as “the monster known as “HidesItsFace” reveals a world of human cruelty, disrespect, ignorance and sorrow. The child is overwhelmed and questions whether her spirit is truly strong enough to face the world that the humankind has made. She has a second vision in which Grandfather’s Spirit responds to each fear with support and compassion, promising a continuing presence on the journey that  is life.

Humanity’s child makes the choice to walk the path of peace, to be a peace maker. But then, HidesItsFace returns in a final vision with an ultimate challenge  to  self-awareness. Humanity’s child recognizes, for the first time, the duality; she recognizes and accepts her full self. With this leap of self- knowledge, everything changes. The Spirit Community come together into a single-minded unity as they set the child off on life’s journey with the hope that Great Mystery’s song will be remembered and sung by one more peacemaker.

Finale: Humanity’s Child begins another Earthwalk knowing that there will be many choices to make on each step of the journey. Similarly, each "witness" - each human being who encounters and perceives the spirit of the work, may also emerge from the experience, like the child, newly born and free to make peaceful choices in their lives. The play ends in a joyous celebration.

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