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 as "Sara"
aka "Humanity's Child"

Kimaya is the voice, spoken and sung, of the title character in Humanity’s Child. Inspired by the acrobatic folk renderings of Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald’s jazz stylings, and Lianna LaHavas, she draws skillfully from this great lineage of musical pioneers creating a musical lane all her own. With a playful presence and frank storytelling, her vocal mastery is the focal point of each performance. Kimaya’s debut album, “Breastfed” (2018), is a bittersweet chronicle of growth toward the light. Recklessly urgent, irreverent and defiant in the face of the past, “Breastfed” boldly wrangles the pain and glory of a growing-up narrative, claiming its narrative with spirit and dark humor. Kimaya is also a prolific writer have created soundtracks, libretti, and themes for several plays, operas, and podcasts.




as "Vox"

"The Voice in Sara's Head"

Jessica is the voice, spoken and sung, of Vox, the “voice in Sara’s head” and her “invisible childhood friend.” A graduate of AMDA in New York, Jessica returns to the Humanity’s Child Musicals having played the title role in the 2018 production. She has also appeared in Edwin Drood, La Cage, and Bright Star with the Opera House Players of Enfield, CT; in All Shook Up, Taffeta Christmas, and Grease at the Connecticut Cabaret in Berlin; and, has delighted audiences as Marilyn Monroe in Six Flags New England. Jessica has fronted several successful popular New England bands and is an event coordinator at Kaleidoscope Art and Entertainment of W. Hartford. She shares her home with her three pugs and husband Matt. Jessica and Matt are expecting their first (and humanity’s next) child this fall. 

An All-Female Virtual Ensemble

Thirty Performers participating remotely
from across the country and across the pond!

Alice Pond

Old Saybrook, CT

Amanda Leigh Kraft

Stockbridge GA

Autumn Eliza Sheffy

Southington, CT

Blair Anderson

Feasterville, PA

Brooke Maynor-Rayfield

Atlanta, GA

Deborah Busick

Vernon, CT

Evana Wang

Princeton,   NJ

Gabrielle Czarnik

Chicago, IL

Gwen Stengel Pond

Old Saybrook, CT

Haritha Pisupati

Centerville, VA

Isa Jones

Ponte Verda, FL

Julia Doyle

Blackwood, NJ

Kaitlin Whiteman

Lowell, MA

Laura Schulze

New York, NY

Lauren Velasco-O’Donovan

Walpole, MA

Leah Freeman

Columbia, MD

Leah Sparkes

Los Angeles, CA

Lexi Paolino

Staten Island, NY

Macie Pinzone

Los Angeles, CA

Madison Meeron

Holland, MI

Maritza Sieders

Plano, TX

Merced Stratton

Los Angeles, CA

Natalie Alberti

Wilmington, NC

Nora Sharman

Lake Bluff, IL

Rennie Trautenberg

Laguna Beach, CA

Sadie Kaminsky

Skokie, Illinois

Saneeta Ram

United Kingdom

Sarah Wyner

Parkland, FL

Shari Lynn Halden

Piedmont, CA

Virginia Taylor Grabovsky

Monroe, CT

HUMANITY’S CHILD 2020 is a contemporary musical that draws on the literary tradition known as magical realism, an approach that offers a realistic view of the world while adding “magical” elements but presented in an otherwise real-world context. As the play opens we meet Sara, aka Humanity’s Child, in a context” familiar to everyone...a bedroom.  She sleeps but is awakened from her dreams only to find herself in a nightmare.


EPISODE I: FEAR: Sara wakes from a nightmare, revealing her deepest fears. She is afraid and her cries are heard deep within her sub-conscious by Vox, Sara’s childhood “invisible friend” who returns to consciousness in this time of fear and distress. Together they encounter demons and evil-spirits and are harassed by “The Boogieman.” Overwhelmed, Sara wonders, “Should I pray, or just go to sleep in my bed.”


EPISODE II: JOY: Vox encourages Sara to “Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world...” (quoting Philosopher Joseph Campbell) and she reminds Sara who she stands for- Humanity’s Children, and who she is - Humanity’s Child! Sara acknowledges her deep desire for liberty and freedom while, at the same time, also wanting assurances of safety and security.


In EPISODE III: ACTION: Sara, Vox, and the Players speak up in solidarity with others of shared mind, hopes, and aspirations. Sara is “speakin’ up...today!” but worries deeply tomorrow...“The future isn’t what it used to be!”


In EPISODE IV: VISION: the “magical” fully overtakes the “realism” as act IV commences and Sara is embraced within the “Circle of Life.” But soon, the needs of the real Sara come back into focus. She must wake from her dreams and nightmares to face the world. Vox reminds Sara of her personal strength and resilience, but just as it seems Sara is “safe,” The Boogieman returns with a vicious attack.  


In EPISODE V: MISSION: Acknowledging the reality that “The Boogieman” will persist, Sara refuses to capitulate, comparing herself to “the Phoenix” arising from the ashes. Having, at last, fully discovered her personal strength within her dreams, Sara fears to wake and Vox will be gone, once more a buried childhood memory. Vox assures Sara that she will always be with and within her, encouraging Sara to call on her Spirit for guidance and support.  With that, Sara’s “magical” journey comes to an end as Humanity’s Children carry on.  “Realism” and reality are once again dominant as Sara, Vox and the Humanity’s Children complete the transformation from “fear,” to “joy,” to “action,” to “vision,” and to “mission.”

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