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Sister Clara de Leon
An aging nun, Abbess of the Convent of St. Agnus, Dublin, Ireland.
Katheryn of Dublin
 An 20 year old postulant.
Brittyn of Dublin
Katheryn’s longtime friend, another postulant.
Brother Bertrand
Librarian at St. Agnus Cathedral.
Francisco Cisneros
A Cardinal at the Vatican, Protector of the Faith
Tomás Torquemada
Agent of Cardinal Cisneros and new Bishop at St. Agnus.




Based on Judeo-Christian tradition and mythology, Keeper of the Secret focuses on Katheryn, a young postulant preparing for Holy Orders. Katheryn is informed by Sister Clara, Abbess of the Convent of St. Agnus in Dublin that she had been “chosen” to reveal an ancient secret to the world, a secret that cannot be told, only discovered. Katheryn enlists the aid of Brittyn, her childhood friend and fellow postulant and Brother Bertrand, the Librarian at St. Agnus. Together they set off to discover the ancient secret, but there are forces that will do anything to prevent them from succeeding. Cardinal Francisco Cisneros, Protector of the Faith at the Vatican has searched his whole life for an ancient parchment believed to be given to Jesus of Nazareth by an angel, a messenger from God, 2000 years before in the Garden of Gethsemane. Cisneros has tracked the parchment to the Cathedral of St. Agnus where it was hidden by a Keeper of the Secret many years ago. Believing that what is written on that parchment could destroy the church, he sends his “Investigator,” Tomás Torquemada, to Dublin as the new Bishop with instructions to find the parchment before Katheryn and her allies do “no matter what it takes.”   Torquemada will stop at nothing, including murder, to keep Katheryn from discovering the parchment and the ancient secret that could, indeed, destroy the church or change it forever. One thing is certain, tradition and mythology will never be the same again.



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