The 2021 Humanity’s Child
Music Video Project



A Professional Experience for
Entry-Level Performers Currently Pursuing Careers
in Musical Theater


Successful participants will gain multiple benefits including...

  • A dedicated page on our website.
  • Publicity and career promotion in our Newsletter and on our Social Media.
  • Your video on our YouTube Channel.
  • A featured spot on our next ZOOM show.
  • Relevant experience for resumes.
  • Free eBooks and other professional development resources.
  • Letters of recommendation and support when applying for future jobs.
  • First-call status for future paying gigs.

The 2021 Humanity’s Child Music Video Project is sponsored by The Peaceful Educator, a 501c3 Non-Profit Educational Foundation. It offers opportunities for entry-level professionals, ages 20 to 30, currently pursuing a career in the performing arts, to participate in the development of an actual “Broadway Musical” under the guidance of Composer/Educator, Dr. John McDonnell Tierney, PhD.


Begin by exploring the HUMANITY’S CHILD WEBSITE.  Learn about us and our show. Decide if this is something you’d like to part of. If so, listen to the show on SOUNDCLOUD. This will allow you to gain a feel for the production values and messaging.  If you share our values and mission and would like to audition for the program, please read on.




This project is based on cognitive apprentice models where an Apprentice/Protégé works with a Master/Mentor on the authentic activities of a particular domain, in this case Musical Theater.


This is a 4-6 week Mentorship with Dr. John McDonnell Tierney, PhD, and may be begun at any time thru December 31st (based on Dr. T’s availability). Once begun, Protégés must meet on-gong benchmarks for progress and complete the project within the allotted timeframe.


Applications may be submitted at any time, however, slots are filled as qualified applicants are accepted. You are encouraged to apply as early as possible. This is not a competition; it is more a “first come/first served” situation.






This is a two-way partnership involving the student, the adult sponsor and Dr. Tierney serving as a mentor to project participants. The responsibilities of each are as follows:



Follow the Project Guidelines (below) and complete the project having met established criteria (below).



Humanity’s Child Composer/Playwright John McDonnell Tierney, aka “Dr.T.,” has mentored literally hundreds of aspiring performers throughout his more than fifty-years in practice. If you are selected to participate in this project, it’s important that you understand up front what “working with Dr.T.” involves. You might think of this as kind of an apprenticeship where you get to participate in the authentic work of professional musical theater while at the same time doing so under the guidance of a mentor and in the relative safety of an on-line relationship.



While I begin every relationship believing that folks will actually do what they say they will do, decades of experience have taught me that I am often disappointed. And so, please understand that once we commence work, if you do not meet benchmarks and timelines, you would regretfully be dropped from the project. 



Be advised that the copyright for the music and any video product it appears in is held by and remains exclusively with the composer. That said, you will retain the right to use the video for your own purposes and professional development. You may not, however, sell videos containing these copyrighted songs.


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