MAY 6 & 7, 2016 HARTFORD


“Super! Super! Super!

We have never, never seen anything so beautiful.”

Julie Roy

“Enjoyed it very much…wonderful, uplifting music.”

Pat Sweitzer

“Nice mix of pace and musical styles…

fantastic dancing…catchy tunes!

Joe and Grace Shabazian

“Wonderful….so absolutely wonderful!”

Carolyn Begnode

“Stellar performances…
lots of energy and compelling music!”

Bill Knittle


“Excellent ... absolutely wonderful."

Ruth Amador


“Strong message…

an amazing performance!”

Qumar Bilal


“Loved the diversity…protecting the planet...

celebrating hope, love & joy…the songs are beautiful.”

Marge and David Schrider


“Very timely and significant subject matter…
passionately performed.”

Astranada Gamsey


“Absolutely wonderful story and music!
So glad I brought the kids!”

Erica Moses