Kimaya Diggs, Vocals with the Virtual Chorus
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I’M AFRAID  Sung by Sara, aka Humanity’s Child and Humanity’s Cousins


If there is any one emotion most prevalent in peoples lives today – in the time of Copvid-19 – it is fearWe are ALL “afraid.” Now, please understand that fear is a good thing; without fear humanity simply would not have survived.  At the same time, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Fear can become debilitating, preventing us from living fully; hiding us from joy.  We have good reason to fear! That said; if we are to keep fear from being debilitating, it helps to identify the sources of that fear and our emotional responses to it. “I’m Afraid” are the first words heard in our show. If you ask “Sara,” the principle character in the play, “Why are you afraid?” She would answer, “Well, first of all “you” (parents, society?) promised me for the first decade of my life that “I’d never need to fear, ‘cuz you’d always be here.” And, most of you also promised me that “God was lookin’ out for me?” Really? Are you “He” here?” So, where do I stand now...I don’t know? “What am I gonna do now that I’ve seen it?” And what am I most afraid of? “I may not be be afraid.”

Jessica Frye Glasser, Vocals with The Virtual Chorus
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DANCE OF THE BOOGIEMAN  Sung by Vox, aka “The Voice in Sara’s Head,” and Humanity’s Cousins


It is easy to jump to the conclusion that “The Boogieman” aka, “Boogeyman” character in our play is meant to represent a particular person...

it is not. Rather, I use the arch-type of the bad actor intervening in the lives of humans and bringing, at the least, unhappiness. It is sometimes hard to recognize the Boogieman. He/she is very good at disguising his/her intent; of making us think she/he is, in fact, “a good actor.” As a result, many humans cannot even agree on what good acting or what is bad acting is. When a government rolls back regulations designed to protect the environment, environmentalists see that as a “bad act,” while, at the same time, those businesses that had previously been constrained by regulations, see the roll-back as a “good act.”  And yet, is there no act so “bad” where all people would agree it is indeed “bad,” or at least “bad enough” to absolutely require change? Probably not, I regret to hypothesize. Keeping kids in cages? Nope...not all agree a bad thing. Killing kids in schools?  Nope...not all agree a bad thing (if they are not their kids.) So...what about Covid-19? You’d think a global pandemic that has killed and continues to kill literally millions of people would be universally seen as a bad thing. Is it?  And all the Boogieman at work. So... “Be advised, the Boogieman is real!”

Notes coming soon.
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THE SPIRIT WIYHIN  Sung by Sara, Vox and Humanity's Cousins

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