07. I'm Speakin' Up Today!
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WHO? Sung by Sara and Humanity's Cousins

09. Carry On
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I’M SPEAKIN’ UP TODAY! - Sung by Vox, Sara and Humanity’s Cousins


As pointed out above, emotion demands action! If you “feel” the need to do something strongly enough, you will remain in a state of dissonance until you do what you feel you “need to do!” “I’m speakin’ up today!  I’m gonna say what I need to say!” This song, “I’m Speakin’ Up Today!” is about those folks who do, in fact, feel very strongly about something. And, more specifically, those whose concerns focus on survival issues such as responses to the current global pandemic; the national epidemic of school shootings; the melting of the polar icecap; the list goes on.  What to do? ...Think? ...Hope? ...Pray? Or...ACT! “Speakin’ Up” can take many forms. As the old saying goes, “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” This song encourages folks to find the “something” they can do, and then do it! So, for some people it is loudly and visibly “speakin' up.” For others, speaking up involves communicating concerns to government officials, encouraging peers to do the same, and providing moral support to friends and family who are taking a more active role.  Please notice that nowhere in this song or in the play do I (the playwright) tell folks “what to say.” Rather, I encourage people to acknowledge their emotions and to consider (think) about responses. This is a fundamental and necessary process that has kept human beings alive since day one. We have learned that purely emotional responses or purely intellectual responses will frequently lead to negative outcomes. And so, we encourage folks to speak up based on both emotional inputs that warn us when something is wrong; and, cognitive inputs that help us figure out what to do.



CARRY ON  Sung by Vox, Sara and Humanity’s Cousins


There are times in most people’s lives when we are confronted with a dilemma; when we just don’t know what to do. This song, Carry On, finds its philosophical roots in Winston Churchill’s’ famous quote, “Keep calm and carry on!”


“Carry on with the vision, carry on through the night.
Carry on ‘though your heart is breaking and you’re shaking, carry on to the light.”


And, what is “the light?” It is a metaphor for deeper understanding, for an illuminated “view” of reality, and for an inspired “vision” of what “reality” might be.


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