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CIRCLES  Sung by Sara, Vox and Humanity’s Cousins


There’s an old saying, “What goes around, comes around.” And there is nothing in nature and human symbolism that “goes around” and always and inevitably “comes around” more than the ubiquitous circle.  Anthropological research has shown that circles have been a feature of human cultures since humans first began painting on the walls of caves and etching into stone. The circle has symbolized continuity, wholeness, completion, and in many cultures, Divinity. In this time of crisis, it is easy to forget universal wisdoms. What we do today may eventually “circle back” to, as they say, “bite us...!” This song of mine, “Circles” is here to remind us of that “universal wisdom.”


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NO. 11: BE NOT AFRAID  Sung by Vox and Humanity’s Cousins


This song, “Be Not Afraid,” is, of course, related to the first song in our show, “I’m Afraid.” It reveals that our main character, Sara/Humanity’s Child, is still...well, afraid. So, it is kind of counter-intuitive at this point to say, “Don’t be what you cannot help being.” So, what am I trying to say in this song? This: be not so afraid that you cannot act; be not so afraid that you think you are alone; be not so afraid that you doubt your own strength, your resilience; your ability to carry on. “Be not afraid, you are strong, you are a force resilient. Be not afraid, you are not alone!”


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