“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

A note from Jack!


Humanity’s Child is designed to work on multiple levels. It’s “parts” (the story, the music, the images) are designed to stand alone, but when combined, create something more, something greater. I invite you to view the several videos below where I do combine some parts to illustrate. Of course, these are all steps toward my ultimate goal of bringing my show to the world and perhaps doing some genuine good in the process. And I encourage you to return to this page often as I will add new videos. Mostly, I ask you to share with friends and family and to join our family of friends.



A VIDEO SYNOPSIS: This brief (8:00 min.) video is designed to answer two FAQ’s: “What is the show about?” and “What is the music like?”


I'M AFRAID with Lyrics: Read the lyrics as your listen to the music.


INTERVIEWS: Four members of the studio-cast talk about Humanity’s Child, each illustrating the spirit of the show.


NEVER AGAIN: This video was created in support of the #NeverAgain and #MarchForOurLives movements. It combines images of the actual young people who are speaking up with our song, “I’m Speakin’ Up Today!”


#METOO- BE NOT AFRAID: This video was created in support of the #MeToo movement. It combines images of women throughout history who “spoke up” and are speaking up today. We offer our song, “Be Not Afraid” as support and encouragement.