How to Record With Your Smart Phone/Video Cam


This recording can be accomplished with very basic technology:
a smart-phone or video cam; a play-back device (computer, iPad, etc.); and ear-phones.


START by viewing this brief video: click here

 or paste in your browser:



  1. Set up the recording context; find the quietest place possible; listen for sounds and turn off sources (appliances, heating, etc.);
  2. Position your Smart Phone to record video of yourself in “portrait” mode;
  3. Position yourself in front of a plain background so you are seen from mid-waist to head (10% head room);
  4. Position your vocal score so that you can see it but it cannot be seen; turn pages unobtrusively;
  5. Have your playback device (NOT your phone or recording device) accessible but not in the video;
  6. Wear headphones or ebuds connected to your playback device.
  7. Start your video recording;
  8. Settle yourself in position;
  9. State your name the song you are recording and your vocal range (Sop, Alto or Baritone);
  10. Play the track so only you can hear it; (you can start just before you come in, but once begun, do not stop the recording until the entire song is done.
  11. Sing along with the piano model as per the vocal score;
  12. Listen to your work; check for good diction and intonation; be happy with the way you look.
  13. Up load your video to We Transfer at You will need to agree to their use terms then you can easily ADD YOUR FILES and use the Email function to send it to
    Put YourLastName, Song Number, and Voice Part in MESSAGE (e.g., Smith,No.1,Sop).
  14. You will receive confimation by return email within a few days. (If not, check with Jack at