In this time of global pandemic, theatrical professionals have had to seek out alternative performance spaces that are, in fact, not physical spaces, but rather “virtual spaces” using On-Line Collaboration platforms such as ZOOM.


Humanity’s Child may be easily adapted for Virtual Theater and may be performed by five to eight actor/singers (two principles and backups) and may be adapted to a variety of production situations:


VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE on ZOOM or other platforms.

STRATEGY NO.1: Principle Characters (Sara & Vox) and The Chorus (Humanity’s Children) are at a distance (on Zoom). They have all installed a green screen at their individual locations and have been provided with backgrounds. This will allow visual consistency across multiple screens. All performers have good quality microphones and headphones (may be incorporated into a costume); video cam/iPhone, etc. with direct mic. connection; fast Internet connection.

STRATEGY NO.2:  Principle Characters (Sara & Vox) and The Chorus (Humanity’s Children) are in the same place. The show may be performed for the camera in a basic black-box situation with a minimum of set or prop requirements, instead, lighting is used to define space and tone. A “requirement,” not of the show but of the pandemic, may be the need for physical distancing and even wearing masks for performers. Given a large enough space, Humanity's Child can easily be staged without any one actor coming within six feet of another. And, with a little imagination, masks can be incorporated into a basic costume design, especially for the chorus.

STRATEGY NO.3:  Principle Characters (Sara & Vox) are in the same place; The Chorus (Humanity’s Children) are at a distance as described in Strategy No1.





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