Extraordinary Hero
is designed to exist in cyberspace;
it lives on the Internet.


Webster defines “virtual” as “....very close to being something without actually being it.”


We emphasize that it is the “theater” that is virtual, not the actors, they are real people performing in real time for real audiences. They are not “very close to being something;” they are that something...real human beings (in their homes) performing for other real human beings (also in their homes.)


For most of theatrical history “touring” has meant one thing; everyone travels: performers, crews, and audiences...everyone must leave their homes and get themselves to a central place for “the show.”  And, in fact, thousands of theater-folk hit the road every year and millions of theater-goers get in their cars and drive to where the theater-folks have set up their tent. That said, there are many, many more millions of non-theater-goers who might be theater-goers but for constraints imposed by circumstances such as disability, economic hardship, transportation, childcare needs, and geographical limitations, and regretfully, the global pandemic! For these folks, attending a touring production is simply not on option. 

And so, if our audiences can’t get to the theater, we’ll bring the theater to them!

Virtual Theater is Live Theater- real actors in real time performing for real audiences – difference being the actors and the audiences are in different places; many different places.


Because our theater is on the Internet; actors, dancers, singers, directors, and technicians can be anywhere in the world. Similarly, audiences can be anywhere as well. In fact, anyone with a computer and WiFi can go to our theater without ever leaving their homes.


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