We are being considered for a New Works Grant from
The New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA).



The New England Foundation for the Arts provides support to our project
in several ways as they describe.

“Our work at NEFA is simple: to cultivate and promote the arts in New England and beyond. Our programs support artists across many forms of expression ... connecting them with collaborators and communities, fueling creative exchange and public discourse, and strengthening the creative economy. Through grants, convenings, online tools, and research, NEFA continues a 40 year history of pioneering partnerships and programs supporting the arts.” source

Among the several grant programs offered by NEFA, there two of particular interest to us:


New Work New England provides grants of $7,500-$15,000 directly to New England artists in ... musical theater, opera...and theater to support creating and producing new work that has potential to engage multiple New England communities. The focus of this pilot program is on artists and the creative process and projects that further equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. 


New England States Touring (NEST) funds New England-based nonprofit organizations.


We have already been approved for participation in the NEST grant and we are preparing a very strong application for the New Works grant.


Competition is fierce, but we remain optimistic!







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